Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reason #18: Not safe for work

Alright, I'm sorry for back-to-back corporate gripes, but this was too good to wait on.  I tried to access this [riveting, addictive] blog at work today and this is what I got:

There's a lot of fantastic ways I could take this post from here, so I'm going ruin it by explaining that my corporate firewall automatically blocks all new URLs until they can be crawled by our security software and deemed "safe for work."

Which begs the question: will And Now This Is Happening make the cut?

Which begs the question: if it does, then does that mean we suck at life?

The answer to the 2nd question is clearly no, since Snacks and Shit is safe for work. And on a higher level I can't really get pissed off about this.  Thanks to my many friends in the construction industry, I receive "not safe for work" emails every day and I've never heard a thing about it from anybody.  So I should have just stopped this post with the screenshot, which is still fucking ridiculous.  Reason 18.

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